About me

  • I arrived in Taiwan in 2002 and began writing travel articles for local magazines and newspapers in 2004.
  • I was the senior editor of a local newspaper before moving into educational publishing in 2008.
  • I have written textbooks and a variety of testing materials, including GEPT and TOEIC.
  • I am now working on a series of textbooks for Shane English Schools.
  • I have a passion for English education, and whether I’m writing materials or tutoring, I have a strong desire to see students succeed and learn English.
  • If you want to contact me about work, please write to me at crosthwaiteandrew@gmail.com

    Companies and publications I have written for:

    • Oxford University Press
    • AMC Publishing Group 空中美語
    • Shane English schools 夏恩英語
    • Caves Books
    • Lungteng Cultural Company 龍騰文化
    • The National Development Initiatives Institute 財團法人中華綜合發展研究院
    • Live ABC
    • EZ Talk
    • En Voyage – the inflight magazine of EVA Airways
    • The Taipei Times
    • The China Post
    • The Taiwan News
    • Cengage Learning
    • Fun Day English http://www.fun-day.com.tw/chinese/index.asp
    • Cosmos Culture Limited 寂天文化
    • Way Cool Teens 威酷少年美語
    • Travel in Taiwan magazine
    • The Taiwan Culture Portal
    • Taiwan Fun Compass magazine
    • Highway 11 magazine
    • Xpat magazine

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